Flower Tattoos – What Do They Mean?

As a general rule, flower tattoos are more popular with women than with men. Perhaps it’s due to their vibrant color, their delicate design or maybe it’s the fact that it’s like a beautiful fashion accessory. Whatever the reason, women with beautiful tattoos are often considered to be more confident, more feminine and more attractive. Check out the list we’ve compiled for you below from Consciousink.com.

One of the best aspects of flower tattoos is the massive choice of designs that are available. And each flower design has a different symbolic meaning, giving you a wide range of beautiful ways to express your individual personality.

For example, you could mix hollyhock (ambition) with heather (dreams come true) to signify your hopes and dreams of future success. Or how about combining narcissus and violet? That provides a contrast of both color and attitude. White and purple, arrogance and humility.

By: Tony Alter

Alternatively, you could add flowers to other tattoo designs. For example, if you want a tattoo that represents someone special in your life you could get the design of a heart surrounded by symbolic flowers, such as roses (love), lavender (devotion), tulip (declaration of love) etc.

And that’s just the start. You can combine any number of different flowers to create virtually any message.

So before you choose the flowers that you want to appear in your tattoo design, it’s best to find out the meanings and symbolism of different varieties of flower. That will allow you to mix and match the flowers in your design until they convey the exact message that you want. So with that in mind here’s a list of the most popular flowers used for tattoo designs and what they mean.

1) Cactus: Endurance

2) Carnation: Fascination, distinction, mother’s … Read more